Sabtu, 15 Agustus 2015

hey guyssszzz!! it has been a looong long time ago I wrote my last post. well, start today, I decide to blog here again wkwkwk I wish it would not be just a plan wkwk. you know why? because I think I have to practice my english. it's useless I think if I take a course but I dont practice it. 
okey now, what are we going to talk about? 
badminton! ahya! hehe. you see, this year, world badminton championship is held in Indonesia! excatly in Jakarta. but today I am sad to know that Owi/Butet have lost for the final huhu :"( same goes with lindaweni.. she lost from Indian woman single player, Siana. well Lindaweni has given her best, though. but tomorrow I am going to watch final BWC in gbk!!! I do really hope that there representation from Indonesian's team for sure. same goes with all of Indonesia people, I think. now all we can is to pray for Ahsan/Hendra and Greysia/Niitya. I am writing this while I am also waiting for the next match for Indonesia.

heyyy... wait.. the match has begun! okey, I'll see you later!
*hope for Indonesia medal! XD